Take Great Sext Pics

Take great sext pics for hot sexting fun!Ideas to take great sext pics that will leave your sexting partner hot and horny, and ready for more. Pour a cup of coffee (or fire up a joint) and sit back while you read this quick little primer. We’ll share some best tips on how to take great photos for sexting.

So, you and your sexting partner/boyfriend/girlfriend have reached the point where you want to start sending pictures. Most people choose to wait to send sext pictures because they like the fun and the mystery of the build-up. If they have met in person but never been intimate it can be an absolutely marvelous thrill to create this clandestine secret only the two of them know about. If they have never met in person it can definitely add to the mysterious experience of taking that extra step forward toward intimacy.

There are many ways this stage can be achieved but the most important thing to remember is to not head straight into sending dick pics or body parts. Think about it; you spent weeks, even months building up this exciting crescendo and then suddenly you look at the screen and BAM! There it is….no, don’t fall for it! It’s a trap!

Sext Pics: Creating the Mystery

  • Gals; don’t send a boob shot. Instead, create a sense of mystique by taking a selfie of the very top of your cleavage and fade the picture just enough…
  • Or how about sending a picture with you in a negligée with your fingers placed carefully across your boobs, so that it just gives a little hint, a tease, a taste of things to come…
  • Guys; don’t get your phone out and show her/him a picture of your stupendous wang… be a little subtle, show the top of the bulge with the nice underwear…
  • Or maybe tuck your thumb into the open jeans and half undo the zipper. Use your imagination! Sell what you have in installments not the whole thing at once….

Mystery, even if you are married to the object of your sexting, affections can make things way more fun! Show them what they are missing out on. Take great selfie pics and send them to ignite the passion!

Send sext pics that give them a hint of the fun they are in store for when you finally get together. Tickle their fancy with a little titillation rather than a full on shot of your body parts.

Use a little editing to make the photos classy and seductive rather than look like porn. It all adds to the mystique and tantalization of your intended audience and it’s much more fun to be creative and imaginative rather than just send a plain old nude of you facing your bathroom mirror!

Sext Pics are Classy

Sext pics are really all about class. It’s easy to be crude but it takes a little more thought to be sexy. How you choose to be seen. Even if you are young and virile and out for anything, don’t give that impression. Keep a little cool about yourself and just take things nice and steady. It will help in attracting a sext-buddy who thinks more like that and it might be someone you can ‘take home to your mother’ so to speak! Of course, being classy can’t be the fake you, you do have to up your game a little if you want to hit the high notes with sexting, so practice a little, learn, read and think carefully about the sext pics so that the image you portray is the right image.

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