Sext Messages To Turn Girls On

Sext messages to turn girls on. Want to write sext messages to turn girls on? So, you have established a great little flirting technique with your sexting partner and things are going great. You have developed a great rapport and are getting along very well. It’s all good. Now, you probably feel like you might need to step up your game a little and crank up the heat.

Girls: Go here for sext messages to turn guys on.

Got any ideas for sext messages to turn girls on? We know that dick pics are not going to impress her, despite the fact that you might feel that yours is the nicest one on the world.  It’s still not going to do anything for her. We’re not there yet. What she needs is to be turned on, mentally, then physically.

Turn her head with your words

Sext messages to turn girls on. Here, a girl is typing a sext message to turn on her boyfriend.Turning women on is more or less the complete opposite of how men get turned on. Men can use pictures and images and be turned on by something within seconds, whereas women need a little more encouragement.

You have probably heard of the phrase ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ and yes, it can be fun sometimes, but why would you want to go to all this trouble to create your perfect sexting environment, only to get to the final stretch and head for the home straight with a crude finale? It would ruin it, right?

So, let’s take a look at a few ideas for sext messages to turn girls on from your messages and pics.

“I am thinking…”  These are three magical words that if you start your sext messaging with are bound to hit the target.

  • I am thinking about what it might be like to hold you in my arms.
  • … about how it might feel to fun my fingers through your hair.
  • … that snuggling on a sofa in front of a real fire would be great with you.
  • … that your eyes have to be the prettiest I have ever seen….

See? Easy, isn’t it? Also, change it up…use starters like “I want to”, or “I like to” and make it about her, not you.

  • I want to kiss every inch of your warm soft flesh…
  • … look you in the eyes and see your soul…
  • … touch you in a way that you have never been touched before…
  • I like to think of us walking hand in hand on the beach.
  • … imagine that we are making love in the forest.

Attraction and Seduction

It’s all about using your brain to attract her brain. She is waiting to be seduced, not physically, but mentally. Don’t worry…if your ultimate goal is to get the girl, you can stop worrying. You will get her, if you use sensible methods and good language. Spell properly, when sexting, too. It’s very important that you come across as literate and that you can write your sext’s in full hand, not ‘text speak’.

We hope our tips for sext messages to turn girls on is helpful for you. Put some thought into your sexts and think about how your words can impact her physically. It’s all fun and games but it can be a very serious business, getting the girl!



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