Sext For Strong Relationships

You can sext for strong relationships. Sexting can lead to stronger sexual conneection between committed adults.Sext for Strong Relationships? Really? Ordinarily sext messaging might not be the first thing you think of that would help enhance your relationship. Let’s face it, it has a bad reputation because people get caught doing naughty stuff with the wrong person! However, to the contrary it has been suggested, and proven in some cases, that keeping the spicy side of a relationship alive will always add to the depth of it and make it stronger. One of the most common pieces of knowledge that therapists say helps a relationship is communication. Honest, open communication.

Keep Your Relationship Fresh with Sexting

Social media has become almost abundant with relationship help, idea, tips and hints. In reality the simple way to make a relationship stronger is to both be as committed as each other. Many tools that appeal to couples to help their relationship stay fresh is sexting.

Now, if you are old enough to remember life before mobile phones and the Internet. Yes, there was life before the Internet! You will also know that people wrote good ol’ fashioned love letters. They were thoughtful, romantic and a little suggestive but they had this special level of protocol that was never pushed. It was usually because—like a sent email—once it’s out there it is for everyone to see.  In those days we didn’t write down what we didn’t want the world to know.

The same applies to the Internet today. If you want to create a solid relationship with your other half/partner/guy/gal or whatever you call them, you have to start out on a honest footing. Liars always get caught, so be true to your own nature and be kind. If you are a guy texting a gal, be romantic; show her she is worth it. Sext for strong relationships — it can really help!

If you are a gal texting a guy, don’t put it out there straight off. Be mysterious, intriguing and let him see your charismatic side. If you are a gal texting a gal, or guy texting a guy, start with something subtle, wholesome and friendly. Work into it slowly and use imagination to push the boundaries.

Stay Away from Crass

Unless crass is the nature of your relationship and you are both ok with it, it is always best to avoid graphic language and ‘adult’ content. A relationship in real life needs honesty, cooperation and love, as well as fun and frivolity. If you and your ‘interest’ have met and are already dating or married, you can use sexting to make your relationship stronger. It creates a secret bond, something only you guys know about and it can add a sense of fun and mystery.

When Sexting a stranger (or almost a stranger) playing it cooler is a safer option, depending on the requirements of your ‘partner’ in sexting. If you are new to each other and early in your relationship you might hit a few barriers in communication if you are not quite on the same page, so avoid pitfalls like misunderstandings. Now, we hope you will sext for strong relationships!

Here’s some sext message ideas to get you started!

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