Sext Messages To Turn Guys On

Write sext messages to turn guys on. Get him hot!Want to learn to write sext messages to turn guys on? Let’s suppose you have never met each other and are still just text-flirting. As with all relationships, it will progress, as long as you are both still enjoying the experience. It doesn’t matter if you are guy texting a guy, a girl texting a girl or anything in between, making that all-important good impression is vital.

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We know (because it’s a scientific fact) that guys are turned on in a totally different way than girls. Gals need a mental stimulus, a gripping hook to keep their attention and it’s not always about flattering them or saying they look pretty. Sometimes it’s about making them feel intelligent and witty. Guys are the same in some respects, but they are more visual when it comes to giving them something to turn them on. We know that guys watch porn much more often than women and they need visual stimuli far more than women do.

Creativity is the Key to Hot Sext Messages to Turn Him On

So, gals, how do you go about creating the hottest Want to write sext messages to turn guys on? Got any ideas? What he needs is to be turned on, both mentally and physically. Read our handy sext tips to write sext messages to turn guys on! First off, don’t give it all away at once. We have discussed in other articles about creating that mystery and that sense of secrecy.  You have to keep his attention just as much as he has to keep yours.

Your brain is your key to creativity, so make your text messages say something without saying much. Be ‘economical’ with words. Use a few words where you can.

For instance, ask him ‘what are you wearing at this moment?’

Man writing a sext message to get his girl hot and readyHe may reply, ‘jeans and a tee shirt’, so follow up with ‘I was imagining you with your belt and top button undone ;-)’ and send a wink.

Try these sext message ideas, too

  • I bet you look really buff today
  • I just got out of the bath but I would love it if you were here to make me need another one
  • I hate to see you leave but your butt is so sexy I love watching you walk away
  • Your shoulders are so muscular I just want to wrap my fingers around them and dig my nails in…
  • When you walk toward me I always look down a little 😉

Your main idea should be something that is suggestive but not outright crude and to the point. That will come into play later, of course, but in the early stages you want to turn the guy on enough that he has to take care of some private business!

You should try to tantalize and titillate rather than just show him boob shots from the start. Do a little tasty cleavage shot and just send a hint of it, and not the whole thing — at least not yet. Need ideas to take hot selfie pics for sexting? It’s all about how you put yourself across in a tasteful way but still making yourself potentially available. Now you can sext messages to turn guys on!

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